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We only do extraordinary, once in a lifetime, ultimate luxury food trips
What we do

Experience the ultimate luxury tours in style

We are the Taste of Elegance. We like food and we are always hungry for more! We want to offer nothing but the best the Netherlands has to offer. We don't do ordinary. We do awesome and nothing but the best. The tours we offer are most of the time all-inclusive full service luxury tours for small groups. Small groups means a maximum of 10 people but usually smaller. We don't do touristic highlights that everyone wants to see, we do extraordinary places where no one goes. Think about visiting the oyster farms by helicopter, the islands by boat and nothing but the best restaurants in the most special places. We create a once in a lifetime experience for our guests.


We only visit the best of the best restaurants in the Netherlands. Every tour has a special selection of either well known or less known (but awesome) restaurants that offer nothing but the best that the Netherlands has to offer.

We only stay at the best hotels we can imagine. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

All inclusive

All our tours are 'all inclusive'. This includes means that with every dinner a wine p


From the moment the tour starts, all travel is included. You don't need to worry about how to get there and what it will cost. We got you covered. We will mostly travel by small luxury bus but depending on the size of the tour or the destination we might be travelling by boat, helicopter or whatever we need to get to the best places!

Are you ready to experience the best of the best the Netherlands has to offer?

We don't do boring, we do high-end exclusive, low-end amazing, best of the best, unknown to others and once-in-a-lifetime.

Who We Are

Great Opportunity For Adventure & Travels

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Who We Are

Great opportunity for adventure & travels

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